Leave the Stone Age and turn your
organisations paper electronic

Cloud Forms converts any paper template to a web based form for data collection.

Browser based technology that works on any device and operating system.

Create web forms quickly and easily without coding.

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Save time and money by eradicating paper forms

Cloud Forms converts any paper template to electronic format, allowing for instant reporting and feedback that can be quickly and easily created by non-IT staff.

Just about any web browser can be used to access the forms, so there’s no cost involved in buying lots of new equipment. You’ll also be saving on print and paper costs, and eliminating double-entry time.

Reports are immediate, regardless of the user’s location, and can be output in a wide range of formats, including Word, HTML and pdf.

Cloud Forms is the perfect choice whether you use just one form or a hundred forms. Enjoy a simplified, safer and slicker form completion process to move your organisation forward.

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