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Publishing Support

Diamond Media Solutions (DMS) has an array of sponsors who are wishng to use eBooks as part of their communication strategy. The interest in sponsorship is far and wide from major supermarkets to niche players. DMS provides a full service for publishers who wish to obtain sponsorship and the reveue stream that is generated..

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Sponsorship Support

The DMS Sponsor Support team's aim is to:

  • Identify those books that meet your target market .
  • Agree with you the sponsorship package and design.
  • Deliver feedback on the success.

We will help you to Identify your target market and work with you to get the right sponsorship package and we can also help with design

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Technology Support

We understand the complexities of transferring material and advertising onto a ever increasing number of hardware platforms with a confusing array a different formats. We can help to convert the materoal so it is available on all the principle readers and help sponsor to get the most from each platform. .

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