Diamond OS Ltd. provides solutions for automating information intensive processes. Our software technologies seamlessly integrate into host systems to provide new functions and benefits, for remote and mobile workers. To enterprises, we provide a new level of control for managing and securing their information assets.

On the front line of every business there are remote and mobile workers such as sales people, field service engineers, delivery staff, remote offices and retail sites. They will all want to interact with the head office and they all need the tools to make them feel part of the central organisation.
This is where technology can provide a competitive edge.

At Diamond OS we are focusing on the development, deployment and support of mobile device technologies and services that we categorize as
“info mobility solutions”.

80% of all corporate information is unstructured ie. it sits outside a database.
Source : Merril Lynch

Information is being created at such a rapid rate that the amount generated this year and next will exceed all the information ever produced throughout human history.
Source : How Much Information, Professors Hal Varian & Peter Lyman. University of California Berkley (SIMS), School of Information systems 

The average data worker spends 7 hours a week searching for the right information.
Source : IDC research

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