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Just having mobile devices and applications on the front line is not enough to make breakthrough improvements, because of the unique challenges of the frontline environment.

Mobile devices face the most vulnerable computing environment, where security exposure and the risk of intrusion are high, and security controls can be inconsistent at best. With Government regulations regarding data privacy becoming more prevalent, it is imperative that organisations can centrally protect sensitive information at all times and in all places.

Users compound this challenge by failing to follow safe computing protocols and misplacing or losing devices. Therefore organisations need to ensure that all data is protected by enforcing security centrally through IT and not relying on the mobile users themselves.

Diamond OS provides a range of solutions for centrally distributing, managing and securing information on all manner of mobile devices regardless of their type or their operating platform.

This combined management and security solution provides the best protection against security threats and compliance issues. The result? Information is secure, IT is in control, and mobile workers have the data, content and applications they need to achieve the breakthroughs in productivity and performance.

Cost Control

  • Most organizations pay their mobile phone bills without having any idea.
  • About the individual factors contributing to the amount on the invoice.
  • What accounts for the largest percentage of your mobile spend?
  • Which department in your company is the largest mobility user?
  • What types of employee behavior are costing you money?
  • The answers to these questions can help your organization get a handle.
  • On your mobile costs and identify ways to limit or reduce mobile spending.

With DME mobile analyzer you can access all of the information you need to ensure that your company’s mobile policies are enforced throughout your mobile fleet.

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